Directed by Charlie Houle, Shot by Jez Thierry.  Always great visuals when doing insomniac trailers with these guys.  I Operated on the Bee-girl stuff this time.

Starring Rudy Youngblood, Zane Holtz, Directed by Russell Friedenberg, and shot by Harrison Sanborn.  This Movie was shot in Florida, and despite some serious bug bites, it was a lot of fun to work on… Harrison created some awesome opportunities for some really cool steadicam shots.  In theaters Oct 16!

Resident Evil: Vengeance

Shot by Jason Cochard, Directed by Will Newman.

This screened at Supercon in Florida this year in front of 20,000!

I’m glad it turned out so well because we shot this in Topanga Canyon and I got the worst blisters of my life on both legs from some poison oak which I came in contact with while operating… I didn’t realize it till the next day and paid the price for 3 months! Always wear pants in the canyon!!!

2 Chainz -“Birthday Song” Parody – 2 Nailz music video

A music video parody of the 2 Chainz video “Birthday Song.”

I operated Steadicam on this video which was part of the “Totally Twisted Christmas: Tomm Fondle Christmas Special” by Official Comedy.

I have to say it looks pretty impressive for being shot in just 6 hours… Credit to cinematographer Ben Kitchens and crew.

INTO THE DARK – Official International Trailer

Starring Mischa Barton, “Into The Dark” was shot earlier this year.

Working with cinematographer Eduardo Enrique Mayen, this project had a lot of challenging Steadicam shots, several of which were in extremely low light.  Eduardo and his gaffer Jesse Jaraczewski did an amazing job with limited resources to make this movie look great.

Check out the trailer…

Director: Mark Edwin Robinson